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As the leader in eye care services in the Long Beach area, we want to give our clients the best experience when they interact with Eye Physicians of Long Beach. Whether that is from a LASIK consultation or a visit to our medical website design, we make it simple and easy for you. From learning more about our cataract procedure to making an online payment, our website gives you the opportunity to learn more about Eye Physicians of Long Beach and why we are the leaders in eye care in the Long Beach area.

Mobile Usability

The way people use the internet is evolving and the devices are too. Mobile usability is important for your website and user satisfaction. Everybody is on the go, don’t you want your website to be optimized for mobile usability? That gives your users an easy way to gather information on your website without becoming frustrated by the small things. When you are in a rush and a button doesn’t work, that could ruin the whole experience for one of your clients.

Mobile usability is not only important for user satisfaction, but it is also important for SEO as well. That is why we keep our medical website design up-to-date and monitored so we won’t get left behind. Getting in contact with an eye care practice from just one click of the button is not a thing of the future anymore.

Staying Up To Date

Our website is a great tool for you to be able to keep up to date on what the staff at Eye Physicians of Long Beach might be doing outside of the office. Between all of the eye exams and LASIK surgeries, our staff takes part in humanitarian missions to give eye care to parts of the world that may be less fortunate. You can read more about Dr. Martinez’s mission to Honduras and the impact he has made there.

Along with the humanitarian missions, we also like to keep our clients up to date with our monthly blogs. Blogs are a great tool for what it comes to more specific topics that may not be featured on our services pages and allow us to expand on educating our clients on eye care. For instance, our last blog is about what screen time and blue light can do to your eyes. This is a great way to spread information about the effects of screen light and the impact it will have on your vision.

Information You Need

When it comes to cataract surgery and LASIK, being informed can create a better environment for you during your consultation and even on your surgery day. That is why our website supplies you with forms that do just that. You will notice on our home page that you can request a cataract information kit, see if you are a candidate for cataract or LASIK surgery as well as view financing options we offer to you. This allows you to answer questions and become familiar with your surgery. The financing options is also a page that you may find useful for our eye care services.

Our patient information sections also allow you to view our educational videos and learn more about our surgery center. We also give you dedicated pages to all of our main eye care services. You get to learn more about LASIK, cataract surgery, dry eye treatments and even the cosmetic procedures we offer. You may even find a service that could benefit you that you never knew Eye Physicians of Long Beach offered.

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