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Monthly Archives: October 2012

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Epiphora-Watering Eye

Watering eye (epiphora or tearing) can be an extremely annoying problem. Constant overflow of the tears onto the face can cause breakdown of the skin resulting in irritation and even rashes of the eyelid skin. In addition, tearing can also cause distortion of the vision sometimes making driving difficult and even dangerous. Tearing can develop… Read The Rest of The Article

Dr. Martinez Overcame His Own Personal Struggles to Become One of Southern California’s Leading Doctors

Dr. Carlos Martinez specializes in correcting vision problems using laser surgery. He has made several trips to Central America to donate his time, skill and technology to some of the area’s poorest communities. When Dr. Martinez was a child he and his family were exiled from Cuba to Spain. They lived in a poor Madrid… Read The Rest of The Article

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