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Why Premium Lens Implants are the Best Option

Cataracts can interfere with your vision as time passes, making it increasingly more challenging or even impossible to complete simple, routine tasks. The only way to regain the vision lost to cataracts is to have cataract surgery. During your cataract procedure, your surgeon removes your natural lens with a cataract and replaces it with an… Read The Rest of The Article

3 Advantages of Choosing a Glaucoma Specialist

Glaucoma refers to a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve and can cause blindness. The optic nerve sends images from your retina to the brain, enabling you to see. Nerve damage and vision loss from glaucoma are permanent. If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma and are seeking treatment, your top priority… Read The Rest of The Article

How Do I Know Which Laser Vision Correction Procedure is Right for Me?

Poor vision can be frustrating. Different vision correction procedures can help you experience life without glasses or contacts. Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, a laser vision correction procedure can permanently fix your refractive error, leaving you with clear vision without relying on visual aids to see. Keep reading to learn more about the… Read The Rest of The Article

The Importance of Glaucoma Awareness Month

Do you know someone with glaucoma? It can be an eye condition that comes with many unanswered questions. But did you also know that glaucoma is often called the sneaky thief of sight? That’s because it usually has no symptoms in the early stages. Patients with this vision-stealing eye condition often don’t realize they have… Read The Rest of The Article

6 Ways Clear Vision Improves the New Year

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses to help you see? There are other options beyond visual aids to see the world around you. If you’re a good candidate, many vision correction procedures can allow you to experience visual freedom without needing glasses or contact lenses. Keep reading to learn more about the various options… Read The Rest of The Article

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