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What Is LipiFlow?

Do you suffer from dry or itchy eyes? You may be one of the millions of Americans living with the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Although millions of people suffer from dry eye syndrome, it doesn’t mean there isn’t hope for relief. Depending on what is causing your dry eyes, there are treatment options available,… Read More

What Does BlephEx Treatment Entail?

If your eyes or eyelids are itchy, dry, and irritated, there may be more to it than eye drops or artificial tears can treat. For many people, this could be a sign of dry eye syndrome or blepharitis. Blepharitis and dry eye syndrome often go hand-in-hand and can be extremely frustrating and uncomfortable to deal… Read More

Help! Foggy glasses while wearing a mask is driving me crazy!

Leaving your house means a whole new normal these days: do you have a mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer? And when you do have to wear a mask, things can get a little complicated. For those that wear glasses, it can mean a whole lot of frustration. Keep reading for some tips on how to… Read More

6 Tips On Caring For Your Eyes In Long Beach

Stuck inside? More than ever before, general hygiene, especially eye care, is important! But what counts as good eye care, anyway? Keep reading for 6 tips on caring for your eyes in Long Beach! 1. Don’t wear your contacts to bed We’ve probably all done it, but the last thing you should ever do is… Read More

Is Coronavirus Connected To The Eyes?

Everywhere you turn right now, people are talking about COVID-19 or the coronavirus. Whether you put on the news, look at social media, or talk to your co-workers, the coronavirus will come up. But is there any connection to the eyes, and if there is, what can you do to keep from catching it and… Read More