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Humanitarian Mission

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Dr. Martinez Humanitarian

Honduras has a population of approximately 8 million people. 65% live below the poverty line and 80% have no access to healthcare. People as young as 12 have cataracts and 70% of people over the age of 50 suffer with this life-altering diagnosis. All it takes is a simple operation to give cataract sufferers their vision back to restore their productive lives.

Project Vision with the KHISH Foundation is on a mission to bring this simple surgery to San Lorenzo. Every year, Dr. Carlos Martinez and a team of doctors and technicians and from across the United States meet in Honduras to volunteer their time and expertise. They average 100 cataract removal surgeries during their visit. But with some 45,000 Hondurans in need of this simple procedure, this effort is tantamount to chipping a tiny pebble out of a mountain.

Project Vision
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