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Monthly Archives: October 2011

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I can’t see up close- Presbyopia

I can’t see up close- Presbyopia Presbyopia will affect every person. No one can escape it but, don’t despair just yet. It usually affects people above 40. It is the result of the aging of the lens which makes it more rigid and unable to flex or focus on objects that are up close. As… Read The Rest of The Article

Take The Next Step Toward Visual Freedom

Having LASIK is an exciting and important decision that can offer you a level of newfound freedom and the ability to live your life in a whole new way with less dependence on glasses and contacts! With Eye Physicians of Long Beach, that dream can become your reality. Your consultation is the first step toward… Read The Rest of The Article

Cataract Surgery

Why put off to tomorrow what you can do today? Regain your youthful vision now, so you can enjoy it that much longer. Cataract surgery has an excellent track record and is highly successful. When vision deteriorates, and any of one’s daily activities begin to suffer, it may be time to consider surgery. The benefits… Read The Rest of The Article

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