Blog post by: Eye Physicians of Long Beach

Cataract Surgery Lens Implant

Why put off to tomorrow what you can do today? Regain your youthful vision now, so you can enjoy it that much longer.

Cataract surgery has an excellent track record and is highly successful. When vision deteriorates, and any of one’s daily activities begin to suffer, it may be time to consider surgery. The benefits outweigh the risks when the decision is guided by your surgeon. And regaining youthful vision sooner, rather than later, is the biggest benefit of them all. I cannot count how many patients have said to me that they wished they would have had their surgery sooner, and don’t know what they had waited for.

I see patients everyday that just had, or are planning cataract surgery. As a surgeon, I know it is a big decision and one that I would not want anyone to enter into casually. Surgery of different types, is often the last resort, and put off until it is becomes absolutely necessary. But when it comes to cataract surgery, the benefits of clear and youthful vision regained help make it a decision that doesn’t have to wait until it progresses so much, that putting up with blurred vision is beyond what one can tolerate.

With the newest intraocular lenses available, referred to as Lifestyle lenses, or Premium lenses, the improvement in vision combined with the benefit of not needing to wear glasses for distance or reading, is a tremendous gift one can give themselves. Getting back to activities that have been curtailed because of declining vision, such as night driving and reading, is a tremendous quality of life improvement. This is especially true when eyesight is restored to a level of many days gone by. Lifestyle can be enhanced so much, many are often left wondering why they waited so long.