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Monthly Archives: May 2012

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Cataract- Intraocular Lenses (IOL)

These are exciting times in the field of ophthalmology. Many new technological advancements and improvements to existing technologies make the future of eye care and eye surgery exciting for both patients and surgeons alike. Cataract surgery has seen rapid advancements recently in available intraocular lenses (IOL). The IOL is the artificial lens put into the… Read The Rest of The Article

What is Botox?

What is Botox? Every week in practice a new evolution comes to me. This week I was stunned by the number of patients that have came in for Botox treatment without really understanding what it is that Botox does or what Botox can do. Interestingly enough Botox has been available since approximately 1980 for treatment… Read The Rest of The Article

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