Blog post by: Eye Physicians of Long Beach

These are exciting times in the field of ophthalmology. Many new technological advancements and improvements to existing technologies make the future of eye care and eye surgery exciting for both patients and surgeons alike.

Cataract surgery has seen rapid advancements recently in available intraocular lenses (IOL). The IOL is the artificial lens put into the eye when the eye’s clouded natural lens is removed during cataract surgery. We now have Full-vision IOLs, also known as Lifestyle lenses, which can reduce the need to wear eyeglasses after cataract surgery. Customized, computer-driven measurements of the eye, to calculate the IOL power necessary for an individual patient, have also recently improved with the ORA and ORange computer systems.

The manner of removing the cataract has also advanced with laser assisted (LenSx®, LensAR™) cataract removal. This newest technology of using a laser for certain parts of the cataract removal procedure is showing early signs of improving the precision and potential safety of the cataract surgery.

Research into new products and techniques is never-ending. That’s what makes it so exciting! We are always looking at and evaluating promising discoveries. Our commitment to our patients is that we will always offer the best technology to our patients in a way that is consistent with delivering the safest treatment possible. Having just returned from Chicago, listening to innovative presentations from around the world, it is clear there is a lot on the horizon, and we will continue to evaluate and always hope to improve our treatment to our patients.