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Chalazion appears as a bump on the upper or lower eyelid. The bump is a result of an obstruction of an oil gland located in the tarsal gland of the eyelid. The tarsal gland is responsible for producing a lubricating oil secretion for the tear film, but if the gland experiences an obstruction, the fluid will cause an inflammation to swell in the eyelid. Chalazion is usually painless and typically does not grow larger than a finger nail; however, in rare cases, the chalazion can grow large enough to cause pressure on the eye and resulting in blurred vision.

A chalazion is not an infection, but can lead to an infection if left untreated. The exact cause is not known but doctors have noticed associations between chalazion and dry flaky skin, dry eyes, lid inflammation and acne. The chalazion will normally disappear within a few weeks without treatment. Doctors may recommend hot packs and eye drops in the early stages, but if the chalazion is chronic it can be treated with an in office procedure, in which the chalazion is drained through the eyelid. No stitches are needed and the healing process is quick.

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