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CyPass® Micro-Stent

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What is CyPass® Stent Surgery?

The CyPass® micro-stent lowers intraocular pressure in patients with mild to moderate open-angle glaucoma by draining excess fluid from the eye.

The CyPass® is part of a new class of glaucoma surgeries called MIGS, which is short for micro-invasive, or minimally invasive, glaucoma surgery. The procedure is minimally invasive because the incision is tiny, and the tools used are microscopic. The CyPass® was designed to be implanted during cataract surgery.

How Does It Work?

The CyPass® micro-stent is a tiny tube with drainage holes in it. When inserted into the eye, the stent creates a small channel for excess fluid to flow out from the anterior chamber, thereby reducing eye pressure levels.  The CyPass® is unique from many other micro-invasive surgeries because it drains fluid into a different part of the eye called the suprachoroidal space. This area is located between the choroid and the sclera. The eye surgeon uses a special instrument called a CyPass® applier to insert the device. It is placed at the edge of the iris (colored part of the eye) after the new cataract lens has been inserted.

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Who Should Have This Procedure?

The CyPass® was approved by the FDA for use in adult patients with mild to moderate open-angle glaucoma who are having cataract surgery. In most instances, eye doctors perform this surgery on patients who have not been successful at managing intraocular pressure (IOP) with medications alone.

Your Long Beach eye surgeon will evaluate whether you have any other eye conditions that would prevent you from having the CyPass® procedure. The best way to determine if you’re a candidate for the CyPass® micro-stent is to make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam.

Is it Successful?

The FDA approved the CyPass® device because a well-respected randomized clinical trial demonstrated clear benefits for a large group of patients. 73% of patients achieved a significant drop in eye pressure levels. Many of the patients who received the stent did not require glaucoma medications after two years. A large majority of patients were also able to avoid more complicated glaucoma surgery when studied a year after receiving the CyPass® micro-stent.

Where is the Procedure Performed?

Long Beach eye surgeons perform the CyPass® procedure at the local eye ambulatory surgical center. It is an outpatient procedure that takes 1-2 hours.

What Should I Expect After Surgery?

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Your Long Beach ophthalmologist will prescribe a regimen of eye drops that will be needed after surgery. Your doctor will put a protective patch on your eye and request a post-operative follow-up the next day. Your doctor may also provide specific instructions regarding recovery from the CyPass® procedure, such as reduced activity level and not bending over or lowering the head for a few weeks.

Are There Any Complications?

Although rare, there are some potential complications whenever a patient has eye surgery. These include things like infection, inflammation, and vision changes. Your eye surgeon will explain these to you before your procedure.

There is a small risk that the CyPass® implantation will not be successful in reducing eye pressure. This can be due to the device not being properly positioned in the eye, or if it becomes blocked or moved from its original position. If this happens, you may require a second surgery to reposition, clear the blockage, or remove the device.
Regular eye exams and consistent follow-ups will help reduce your risk of complications.

CyPass® Stent Surgery, Long Beach, CA

Do you have cataracts and open-angle glaucoma? You may be a great candidate for CyPass® surgery in Long Beach. Contact us to request a complete evaluation to determine your candidacy for this state-of-the-art glaucoma treatment!

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