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Icare HOME Tonometer

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The Eye Physicians of Long Beach are excited to offer a new advancement for glaucoma care. The Icare® HOME tonometer is modeled after clinical tonometers in doctors’ offices.

ICARE Home Tonometer

It uses a well-regarded mechanism called rebound tonometry to measure IOP. Icare® HOME is one of the first devices that allow patients to monitor intraocular pressure (IOP) at home without anesthetic eyedrops. It became FDA approved in 2017.

The device is suitable for home use or even travel. It is compact, has a light ring to help guide the placement of the probe, and has adjustable forehead and cheek supports.

How Does the Icare® HOME Work?

Patients set the Icare ® tonometer according to measurements established by their doctor during training. The device gathers IOP, date, time, eye (left or right), and a quality score.

The device knows whether you’re measuring the left or right eye. You’ll see a red-light-green-light display. This lets you know when you’re at the right distance from the instrument and the device is angled correctly.

You won’t see the IOP measurement. The device needs to be plugged into a computer. The data is then transmitted to your Eye Physicians of Long Beach eye care provider using special Icare® CLINIC software.

Future versions will likely offer wireless transmission to cloud storage, allowing your eye doctor to download it.

Watch the Icare® HOME Instructional Video

How Does the Icare® HOME Take Measurements?

A disposable probe is inserted into the Icare® HOME tonometer every time you use it. The probe gently contacts your eye during measurement.

A complete measurement is a series of six very rapid measurements. The probe moves to the cornea and back during each of the six measurements. The tonometer then calculates the final eye pressure and stores it in memory.

What is the Benefit of Performing Home Tonometry?

Significant intraocular pressure fluctuations can cause the progression of open-angle glaucoma. Research has shown that IOP varies considerably over time.

It can even vary over the course of the day or evening. Most glaucoma patients only see their eye doctor two to four times a year.

They may experience high IOPs that are not detected at office visits. Patients can use the device at different times of the day and night so that pressure fluctuations can be detected.

Some glaucoma patients have difficulty getting to their appointments due to transportation or job issues. Icare® HOME allows your doctor to monitor your IOP and potentially change your prescription even if you miss an appointment.

Your Eye Physicians of Long Beach glaucoma specialist can use it for close monitoring after surgical procedures. Do not use Icare® HOME to substitute for regular eye exams or pressure checks with your eye doctor.

Can Anyone Use Icare® HOME?

Icare Home Tomonometer

No. You must be trained and certified on how to use the device at your doctor’s office. Once you have demonstrated that you can use the Icare® device properly, your health care professional will prescribe it.

There are certain clinical conditions that would make it unsafe to use Icare® HOME, including:

  • Active eye infection
  • Recent eye trauma
  • Disabling arthritis or difficulty handling the tonometer
  • Severe difficulty when opening your eyes
  • Involuntary, rapid, and repetitive movement of your eyes.

Are There Any Risks to Using the Icare HOME® tonometer?

Your doctor at Eye Physicians of Long Beach will evaluate whether you are a good candidate for the Icare® HOME. You may not be eligible if you have any of the following concerns:

  • Poor uncorrected near vision
  • Only one working eye
  • Poor visual fixation
  • Unable to hear well without a hearing aid
  • Use contact lenses
  • Dry eye
  • Keratoconus
  • Recently had cataract surgery

Are you a patient with glaucoma wondering if the Icare® HOME tonometer may be right for you? Schedule an appointment at Eye Physicians of Long Beach in Long Beach, CA to learn more!

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