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Premium Lens Implants

Introduction to Premium Lens Implants

These lenses are also referred to as trifocal IOLs, multifocal IOLs, accommodating IOLs, and toric IOLs.

A new lifestyle alternative for people of the Long Beach, Lakewood, Los Alamitos, Huntington Beach, and Garden Grove areas.

The doctors at Eye Physicians of Long Beach are very happy to provide custom vision in the form of premium lens implants. Dr. Martinez stated in a recent interview, “All the research indicated that premium lens implants would enhance the lives of my patients, after implementing this we are happy this is true and it’s wonderful to hear all the stories and things my patients can do with their new vision”. If your Long Beach eye doctor has told you that you are in the early stages of developing cataracts or has suggested that refractive lens exchange would be a good vision correction option, you might want to research the new emerging lens implant technology.

If you are nearing the age for cataract surgery and want a reliable vision correction solution, premium lens implants might be a good idea. Premium lens implants have helped patients achieve the goal of independence from glasses or contact lenses. Imagine playing golf or reading the newspaper without depending on glasses, a life without them could dramatically impact your overall happiness. This is why the doctors at Eye Physicians of Long Beach have been trained in the latest intraocular surgery techniques involving lens implantation with trifocal, multifocal, accommodating, and toric lens implants, also referred to as premium lens implants.

Lens Implant Technology

Patients in their mid-forties having trouble with reading are typically experiencing the first effects of presbyopia an accommodation or focusing, a problem with the lens of the eye. As the lens hardens and becomes inflexible with age, it becomes more difficult to focus, this is called presbyopia.; Presbyopia affects a vast part of our aging population and often requires bifocal lenses.

Intraocular lens technology has made swift advancements in lens implants that can dramatically improve a patient’s ability to see after cataract surgery, or even as refractive lens exchange, before the development of cataracts. Some new intraocular lens implants might be a better vision correction option than LASIK eye surgery, depending on your prescription and age. In the past, with LASIK eye surgery, our doctors could correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism but, with the advent of premium IOL lens implants, presbyopia can now be corrected.

Premium Lens Options at Eye Physicians of Long Beach

At your initial cataract consultation, we will review your lens options and discuss which intraocular lens option will be best for your vision needs. The below premium lens options are available at Eye Physicians of Long Beach:

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