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If you rely on glasses or contact lenses to see and have thought about a laser vision correction procedure, now’s the perfect time to consider LASIK. LASIK offers visual freedom from glasses and contact lenses to improve your quality of life.

After LASIK, you’ll begin to see the world entirely differently. LASIK offers many benefits because it’s a straightforward, highly effective, and safe procedure. Keep reading to learn more about LASIK and why it’s such a popular procedure!

What is LASIK?

LASIK is an FDA-approved procedure that corrects farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism in qualified candidates. The vision correction procedure works by reshaping your cornea, the transparent front part of your eye.

Reshaping the cornea allows light to focus correctly on the retina at the back of your eye, correcting your vision and any refractive errors you have.

Benefits of LASIK

The advantages of LASIK are numerous. LASIK could be right for you if you’ve ever dreamed of waking up with clear vision. Here are some of the benefits of choosing LASIK:

Better Vision

With LASIK, you can achieve better vision than you could with glasses or contact lenses. LASIK is an effective way to treat your refractive errors, helping you permanently improve your vision.

Millions have undergone LASIK and love their results. Most patients attain 20/20 vision or better after their procedure.

LASIK corrects vision beyond the original prescription, which is why your vision is far better than what you had with visual aids alone. But LASIK does more than that.

It also improves your depth perception, your ability to perceive color, and makes your vision sharper. Think about what it would be like to wake up without needing to put in contacts every morning or use glasses to see the numbers on your alarm clock.

Instead, you’ll have crystal clear vision every moment of every day. After LASIK, your vision will be sharper, and your morning routine will be easier and quicker.

Getting LASIK positively impacts more than your morning routine. The vision correction procedure will improve almost all aspects of your everyday life.

Whether watching TV, driving, reading, or cooking, you can see clearly without the constant irritation from wearing contacts or cleaning smudges off your glasses. It’s a great feeling.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms

Do you have allergies? Suffering from allergies while depending on contact lenses can spell disaster due to persistent eye irritation.

Contact lenses and allergies never mix well. Having allergies can leave you with itchy eyes, which contact lenses only worsen.

Allergens are also likely to stick to the surface of your contact lenses, which can cause excessive and unwelcome itchiness, irritation, and even pain. Because of the extra time you spend touching your eyes when you put your contacts in, you’re much more likely to get pollen and other allergens in your eyes during allergy season.

If pollen gets in your eyes or on your contacts, this only exacerbates your allergy symptoms. Beyond itchy, irritated eyes, other hallmark symptoms of allergies include light sensitivity, burning, watery eyes, and allergic conjunctivitis.

Pink eye results in red, swollen eyes and discharge from the eye. Fortunately, when you get LASIK, you’ll no longer have to deal with allergies and contact lenses.

Although you won’t be able to make your allergy symptoms disappear, getting LASIK can reduce how much you need to touch your eyes. Reducing how much you touch your eyes will also decrease the chances of pollen and other allergens getting in your eyes, helping you feel more comfortable during allergy season.

Saves You Money

Although the upfront cost of LASIK may seem expensive, it’s less than you pay throughout a lifetime for visual aids like glasses and contact lenses. On average, most people spend about $500 annually on these visual aids. But that doesn’t include their maintenance if they break or need to be replaced.

How much you’re spending on only contact lenses can vary depending on the kind you wear, how often you need to replace them, and if you’re splurging on express shipping to get them more quickly. Your eyeglasses can also quickly add up, especially if you like to wear designer frames and add coating for glare or blue light prevention.

Now, compare these costs with how much you would spend if you had LASIK. LASIK is a one-time expense, and most practices, including Eye Physicians of Long Beach, offer financing options.

There’s no reason why cost should stand in the way of your dream vision! The costs of your corrective aids can quickly add up over time. But LASIK is something that many patients pay off in as little as two years, making it an excellent way to invest in yourself and your best vision. 

In the long run, LASIK doesn’t just leave you with crisper, clearer vision. It’s also more cost-effective than visual aids.

Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

How you feel about yourself affects your confidence and self-esteem. But if you wear glasses most of the time, you might feel self-conscious about them, which can damage your self-esteem.

After LASIK, you’ll no longer need to rely on glasses to see. Consequently, you’ll no longer feel self-conscious about thick lenses, large frames, or your glasses not matching many of your go-to outfits.

This can uplift your self-esteem and drastically increase your confidence in your appearance. You may also feel more confident in social settings after LASIK.

Your improved vision can enhance your interaction with others, allowing your self-esteem to shine through.

Live a More Active Lifestyle

Getting LASIK can be the best decision if you enjoy being very active. LASIK will give you the freedom to participate in more hobbies.

You won’t have to worry about glasses breaking while on a run or a contact lens coming out in the middle of a rock climbing adventure. When it comes to water sports, contacts and glasses are unsuitable.

Glasses are susceptible to becoming foggy, and contact lenses carry the risk of infection, especially if bacteria in the water become trapped between your contact lens and the eye. After LASIK, you’ll have clear vision even when you’re tossed around, splashed, or submerged in water.

If you love biking, it will be refreshing to bike without dust covering your glasses or irritants sticking in your contact lenses. You’ll have so much fun as you completely immerse yourself in all your favorite outdoor escapades without the hassle of visual aids standing in your way.

See Better than Ever with LASIK

LASIK means greater freedom in all aspects of your life. The expert surgeons at Eye Physicians of Long Beach can help you achieve clear vision with LASIK.

We’ve performed thousands of successful LASIK procedures using the most advanced LASIK technologies.

Want to finally achieve visual freedom? Take the first step by scheduling a LASIK consultation at Eye Physicians of Long Beach in Long Beach, CA, and love your life more with better vision!