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Ah, love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is almost here, and for those of us who are single, you may be wondering what you can do to get a date.

Well, there’s no guarantee, but you could consider getting LASIK. It sounds crazy but keep reading for 5 reasons why LASIK helps your dating game in Long Beach!

1. You can get ready for dates faster when you don’t put in contacts

Okay, getting ready for dates already takes a while, but when you need to put in contacts, it starts taking a lot longer. Why is that?

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It seems like every time you’re in a hurry, your contact lenses do not want to cooperate! It’s like they know you want to put them in quickly and need to get out the door.

And in these cases, they go inside of your eye inside out, or you tear one. Something awful ends up happening and now you’re making your date wait. We all know that first impressions count, especially on a first date!

Getting LASIK solves this problem entirely because you no longer have to worry about wearing glasses or contacts. That leaves you more time to put on your makeup, or put socks on, or remember to breathe before you run out the door!

An extra five to ten minutes when you’re getting ready for a date can feel like an eternity but it makes all the difference.

2. You can shave your legs or your face and be able to see

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The pre-date ritual usually involves hopping in the shower and blindly shaving, especially if you wear contacts or glasses. We’re likely all guilty of leaving our contacts in when we shower, which you’re actually not supposed to do.

But if you wear contacts or glasses, it’s pretty much the only way you can see while you’re shaving. How frustrating is it when you finish shaving and realize you missed a whole chunk of your leg or armpit?

On a first date, there’s this pretend fantasy that we’re all perfect and we never do these things. You would never admit to a flaw like this, right?

After LASIK and its relatively short recovery period, you can shower and shave and see. You’ll finally be able to see every single hair, rather than blindly turning yourself this way or that way.

It’s pretty liberating when you can get out of the shower and know you did a good job. LASIK is all about celebrating the little things, like shaving and not missing any sections.

3. Getting LASIK will give you more self-confidence

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If you’ve worn glasses or contacts for a while, you know that it’s all too easy to hide behind them. Glasses can feel like part of your identity after a while.

Even wearing contacts can make you feel like you’re hiding part of yourself from the world around you. When you get LASIK, you’re no longer able to hide.

You don’t have a visual or physical crutch to hang onto anymore. In the grand scheme of things, that’s one of the most liberating things about getting LASIK.

When you get up in the morning, it’s all you that you’re seeing in the mirror. Morning breath, unbrushed hair, tangles, dry skin, and all. It’s all you.

It’s up to you who you get to be after you have LASIK. You could give yourself a drastic makeover and dye your hair a crazy unicorn color!

You could decide to move halfway across the country and follow a crazy dream. With a procedure like LASIK, there’s no telling how amazing you’ll feel when you can see without restrictions.

4. LASIK could help you open up your heart to love

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It’s cheesy, but hear us out. When you get a procedure like LASIK, you might finally be ready to open your heart up to love.

Dating is scary. But when you do one kind of scary thing, like getting LASIK, it can make you bolder. LASIK isn’t painful. It’s over after about thirty minutes and you never feel a thing.

Most people who get LASIK notice almost immediate visual improvement. These improvements continue several days after getting LASIK.

It’s pretty magical how you can go from needing glasses and contacts to not needing them anymore. A simple procedure can change your life in so many ways!

And meeting the right person can do the same thing. Sometimes, all you have to do is open your heart to love to meet them.

You could argue it’s the universe or fate or kismet, but some of it has to be your mindset as well. You have to be ready to accept these things in your life.

5. You’ll look better in your dating profile pictures

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Again, there’s no guarantee that getting LASIK means that your soulmate will magically fall down from the sky in front of you. There’s almost zero chance that will happen.

But hey, at the very least, after getting LASIK, if you wore glasses, you’ll look better in your new dating profile pictures! And yes, you’ll seem more self-confident as well, because people that get LASIK do it to achieve visual freedom.

If glasses are part of your identity, maybe LASIK isn’t the right fit. But there are plenty of people out there that feel like there has to be something better than wearing glasses and contacts all the time!

If that’s how you feel, and you want to feel like you’re finally free to be who you’ve always wanted to be, LASIK could be right for you.

Want to find out if you could be a good candidate for this life-changing procedure? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Eye Physicians of Long Beach in Long Beach, CA now!