Blog post by: Eye Physicians of Long Beach

EPLB chosen to deliver a solution for advanced macular degeneration.

Have you heard of this term called “Dry macular degeneration”? It is a chronic disease which affects the eyes. It causes a loss in vision exactly in the centre. The macula happens to be in the middle of retina and is the layer of the tissue which is on the inside of the eyeballs. And when it deteriorates, this condition appears. This problem could occur in one eye or both the eyes.

A person who suffers from dry macular degeneration might face a blur in the vision and will have problems in doing regular work like driving, reading and other things. The person might require brighter light for reading. Though medical treatments are not there for this problem but there is something with which one can improve the vision. There is something known as Implantable Miniature Telescope. With this, the eye’s natural lens that has developed a cataracts is removed and replaced with a small telescope. Once the replacement is done, the patient will be given extensive training so that he will learn the functioning of the magnified vision.

How Does the Implantable Miniature Telescope Help?

It helps the vision and also improves the life’s quality. People who suffer from a severe loss of vision can be helped. It uses those areas of retina which are healthy. The Implantable miniature telescope treatment includes diagnosis of the problem, screening of the candidates, implantation and then rehabilitation. Once the implant is done, a person will be able to see larger and wider images. But, people who have undergone cataract surgery already might not be able to undergo this procedure.

How Can One Prevent Dry Macular Degeneration?

Even though there is not cure for this chronic disease, one can see some benefits through better nutrition.

  • Vegetables which are dark green and leafy such as spinach, mustard etc. and food that have a low fat content can help.

  • And, one should have more of fruits like oranges, red grapes, mangoes and vegetables

  • Eating fish thrice a week can also be helpful. Fishes are rich in nutrients like Omega 3 which which is essential for the eyes and the heart.

  • Also, it will be good to limit the intake of fat.

As the eyes age, this problem can occur in anyone. Eye Physicians of Long Beach has been chosen to be one of the few sites in the Unites States that can provide this procedure of implantation of the miniature telescope. This kind of implant is only available to patients with advanced macular degeneration and your doctor can tell you if it would be a good fit for you.